Why are visits and visitors important?

Educational visits are regarded as an essential ingredient for extending and enriching the curriculum on offer for all children at Harrow Gate Primary Academy.

All trips outside of school are thoroughly researched and assessed by the member of staff planning the trip. Hence, our Educational Visits’ motto is “There and back again, safely”

Children are regularly taken to museums and art galleries and other venues likely to support and inspire further learning, as well as having visiting speakers, invited into the school, to supplement the children’s educational experiences.

In addition, to provide a full and interesting curriculum, along with rewarding life experiences, the children are all offered the chance to take part in residential visits throughout their school career at Harrow Gate Primary Academy.

It is considered important that, as a child’s independence grows, they are equipped with a sound and safe knowledge of the experiences available to them, in and around one of the most varied and rich environments, and how to visit them in a safe and responsible manner.

Children are taken out from school on visits of many kinds. When your child comes into school we ask you to sign a rolling consent form. Sometimes the children visit local parks and shops and on other occasions we take them further a field. We always notify you by letter when visits by transport are taking place, giving you the details and asking you to help with the cost. Parents / Carers are encouraged to accompany the children.

Curriculum Visits and residential trips