E-Safety is extremely important in the digital age. We use technology frequenlty in school, and take every oppertunity to teach children how to stay safe online. As well as this, we also have ensured that E-Safety is a dedicated part of our Computing Curriculum. Below, you can see our E-Safety Curriculum and how it is taught in school.

Each computer in school also has 'Hector Protector' and he appears every time a browser is open. If the children see something that upsets the, they can cimply click on Hector and he will cover the screen, allowing the teacher to deal with the situation swiftly. Find out more about Hector's World.

Click on the links below to read more about on-line safety

If you have a few spare minutes have a look at these fantastic educational web-site links. We are committed to providing opportunities for our pupils to experience the latest in ICT whilst always remaining safe and secure. We believe that children need to be aware of new ICT and the many different ways in which people can communicate. Instead of limiting or denying access, we believe that by allowing access in a safe manner and by teaching responsible use, we are best equipping our children for the future.

The links below will take you to websites which cover the many different aspects of internet safety. If you have any questions or concerns about e-safety. please come into school and speak to Mr Story, Assistant Principal & E-Safety Leader.