The Eco Warriors of Harrow Gate Primary Academy 



On Friday 5th June, it is World Environment day and the children of Harrow Gate Primary Academy will be learning at school and from home will be learning all about this year's theme



Click here for more information on the importance of World Environment Day.

Woodland Trust Tree Planting

This year we were successful in our application to the Woodland Trust for 220 tree saplings. Year 6 got their wellies on and spent the day, in the rain, planting the 220 trees. They are growing nicely thanks to the care of the children watering and caring for them when they are in school. We are hoping to receive a further 400 trees later in the year. The dream is to create a woodland area that will be one day be abundant with plants and wildlife for the whole community to enjoy.



Eco Club 

Harrow Gate have a huge waiting list for children wanting to join our after school Eco club. Our children are passionate about nature and want to do what they can to care for our environment. Eco club have successfully earned Bronze and Silver awards from Eco-Schools. 

Eco Warriors

The Eco Warriors meet every week after school to discuss and take action on important environmental issues. The children complete an environmental review of the school each term and we are already seeing many improvements.



 We try to keep our school grounds litter free with daily litter picking. All year groups like to take part in this and collect litter during their break times. 






We are trying to fill up the school with different plants. We have started by planting a range of succulents for each class to care for. Eco club created a little guide for each class on how to care for the plants and they water them each week.   

Every classroom and office in school now has a mixed paper and plastic recycling bin that is emptied by Eco club every week.     

We still have a way to go and hope to achieve amazing things once we are all back together in school again. 


Environmental Studies in the Wider Curriculum

A wide range of environmental issues are explored throughout our curriculum, from the texts studied in English to our topics in Geography. 



Year 2 recently recently wrote to Stockton Borough Council on the issue of litter in our local area. They were proud to receive a letter back from the council outlining the actions that they intended to take as a result of their letter. 


Christmas 2019

At Christmas, year groups sold homemade cakes, cups of tea and hand made wreathes made from plastic bags. We raised hundreds of pounds that we donated to Greenpeace, who do incredible things for the planet. 


Click here to watch Year 5 & 6 perform 'The Plastic Song' at our concert.


Eco Week 

We held an Eco week in school to kick start the year with good intentions to care for our planet.

 Each year group created an Eco Pledge that they now proudly display in their classroom. Each class studied a CLPE text linked to the environment in English.


We were also visited by an ambassador for Greenpeace for an important talk about the importance of caring for our planet. 





Our new library has its very own Eco section dedicated to books about the planet and nature. Chloe Daykin, a famous author, came to visit during Eco week and held a book signing in our library. Chloe's author talk was about where her inspiration for her book 'Fire Girl, Forest Boy' came from. The book is incredibly moving and raises awareness on the issue of deforestation and illegal logging in Peru.


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