Learning Environments


Harrow Gate Academy Library

What we believe our library should be: Libraries are where children discover which books they like best and become lifelong readers. Inspiring children to explore libraries and develop a lifelong reading habit means they are more likely to gain good literacy skills and all the social and economic benefits that derive from that. Research from the National Literacy Trust tells us that pupils who receive free school meals are more likely to use the school library. However in terms of ethnic background, it is pupils from white backgrounds who are least likely to use the library. Ensuring that our library is well stocked with high quality books and offers a safe and welcoming environment for children to enjoy reading is therefore of great importance to us.


The STEM lab is a space where the children can be truly investigative and explore all aspects of science, design and technology and mathematics. Children are encouraged to select their own materials and tools for the experiments so that they can realise learning through results and analysis.

Forest School

Forest Schools offer a unique educational experience using the outdoor environment of the forest as a classroom. The key benefits for all children are: Confidence: children have the freedom, time and space to learn and demonstrate independence Social skills: children gain increased awareness of the consequences of their actions on peers through team activities such as sharing tools and participating in play Communication: language development is prompted by the children’s sensory experiences Motivation: the area fascinates the children and they developed a keenness to participate and the ability to concentrate over longer periods of time Physical skills: these improvements are characterised by the development of physical stamina and gross and fine motor skills Knowledge and understanding: the children develop an interest in the natural surroundings and respect for the environment

Art Gallery

At Harrow Gate we have designed a curriculum, which focuses on culture through the arts and celebrates its importance in history. We have designed an art gallery space in school, where our cultural learning and art curriculum work can be reflected upon, celebrated and reviewed regularly by children and staff.

Sports Hall

Sports and being active are very important at Harrow Gate. Our Sports Hall enables PE and activities to be timetabled all day every day with appropriate sports equipment. We also have a large field for the children to access for athletics, field games and sports.

Bio Dome

The Biodome is a fantastic way to learn about the delicate balance of our rainforests and how better to get the message home than a fully immersive learning environment where students have there own rainforest to care for. Using the Biodome and the curriculum we aim to ensure that the children have the valuable knowledge needed to pioneer the next generations eco-friendly future. The children are immersed in environmental science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Thrive room

The Thrive Approach is a dynamic, developmental and trauma-sensitive approach to meeting the emotional and social needs of children. This space is designed to enable the children to play and explore the emotions with a skilled adult.

Peace of mind space (THRIVE)

The peace of mind space is designed to provide a quite, nurturing space where children can cozy up with a soft toy, snuggle in a cave and work on the early stages of the social and emotional development (THRIVE being stage)

Dining Hall

The children enjoy their lunches in a space that is designed to encourage conversation and social eating. Schools meals are enjoyed together with adults and friends.


All classrooms are spaces where the children are challenged and nurtured in their learning. Working walls provide scaffolds, models of excellence, strategies and intrigue. Reading and books are central to all classrooms