All children are asked to voice their 'wants and likes' for the enrichment offer. Timetables are then created to try and meet these requests.

All children then express an interest to attend clubs and this is given to the club leader. To enable the children fair access to the school offer we invite children to the clubs and ensure that all children are offered a place through the year.

Summer 1


After School

Sports Hall


School area






KS1 Urban Kaos dance 30 children





KS2 Urban Kaos dance 30 children

Outdoor and Adventurous KS1

20 children Mrs Deakin


Athletics Club

Mrs Best

STEM Lab: Cookery club Yr 4

Mrs Galt / Mrs Holloway / Miss Ward


Miss Clough and Miss Hughes


STEM – car building and racing team

Mr Adams / Mr Galt


Tag Rugby

Mr Smith

Football team year 5 & 6

Mr Dalton

Eco Club KS1 / KS2

Miss Yeadon / Mrs Tash

Art club KS1 Miss Duncan

Mrs Williams

Art Club KS2 Miss Cook


Library club KS2 Mrs Wilson





What a racquet – Hockey



 Netball year 5 & 6 girls

16 children Mrs Bailey


3NP  Craft Club (sewing/knitting) yr5 children Mrs Pavey Mrs Shotton Miss Scott


STEM lab: Year 3 / 4 Computing club 20 children Mr Amos