The relationships in a child or young person’s life are very important to their wellbeing and development. In a school setting, this means that their relationships with school staff, and with each other, should be nurtured and supported.

Positive relationships in the classroom/school that are built on trust, kindness, safety and security are an important tool for change, linked not only to better child wellbeing but also to better educational performance.

Mission Statement:

The academy will endeavour to raise the achievement and aspirations of every child.

To fulfil our mission statement, we believe in three core values, which we base our whole school around. We call these values 'the ART of Harrow Gate Primary Academy'

Achievement: Children meet the challenge and high expectations in learning through dynamic engagement.

Resilience: Children are courageous and passionate in their approach to learning, which fosters self-belief and pride.

Trust: The Harrow Gate family work as a team with honesty, respect, loyalty and effective communication to ensure success for all.