Welcome to year 5

There are 2 classes in year 5, 5JG and 5VD

Mr Galt

Mr Dawson

Mrs Matthews


Year 5 will have PE every Thursday. Please make sure that your child has the correct PE kit. They are to come to school every Thursday in the PE kit:

White polo shirt – NO T- shirts with pictures

Black / grey tracksuit bottoms – NO Stripes or large logos

Red shorts – under their tracksuit or in a bag

BLACK trainers – NO white sole, branding, coloured marks.

They are to wear their school red jumper / cardigan on top.


We do not have enough spare kit to guarantee everyone who forgets their kit will be able to take part. If the days have to change during the course of the year, we’ll let you know as soon as possible


Home Learning: All homework will continue to be set on Class Dojo Stories. This will be for spelling and Rapid Recall in addition to daily reading. Research has shown that this is the most beneficial kind of homework.

  • Reading: Every child is expected to read each night. Please try to hear your child read, sign their reading record (or encourage them to) and make sure that they bring their reading book and reading record into school each day so that the staff can hear them reading their books.
  • Spellings: Children will receive a set of spellings to be learned each week – you must help your child learn them.
  • Rapid Recall: Children will be given a multiplication to ensure that they are fluent in all of their times tables and arithmetic. Challenges will be set on MATHLETICS.
  • Times Table Rock Stars: As times tables are such a huge part of the curriculum, these must be practised daily. Logins will be given out shortly.
  • Reading Plus and Mathletics are also available for children to use at home. Reading Plus can also be used for reading contracts. Logins will be given to the children and sent to you via DOJO



Please clearly name all of your child’s belongings (coats, bags, pack lunches etc.) so that if lost we can help them find them.

If you do have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher, a member of the team or send me a dojo message.  We are really looking forward to a fabulous year with your amazing children!



Graphic Organiser - Science

Vocabuary Organiser - Science


Graphic Organiser - Geography

Vocabulary Organiser - Geography

Vocabulary Organiser - English

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