All updates and daily communications have been posted onto the Harrow Gate Primary school story on 'Class Dojo'. We decided to use this as our main form of communication as the majority of parents and families were already connected and using it prior to COVID 19.

Harrow Gate Primary will OPEN to all children from Monday 8th March 2021

Please look below for information relating to reopening, COVID risk assessments / action plans. home learning if isolating.

COVID-19 Information

Classrooms and the dining hall

Here are some photographs of how the school and classrooms have been adapted to reduce the risk of spread of COVID 19.  At Harrow Gate we are very lucky that we have large classrooms so we do not need to have any distance tape or restrictive measures marked out on the floors. All soft furnishings and resources that can not be easily cleaned have been removed. All classrooms have hand sanitiser units outside of them (in place since September 2018), sinks and soap in the classrooms.

Children are in year group 'bubbles' and will remain with this group for the whole day. Groups of children will not mix together. We have 7 outdoor spaces that can be used and so each group has a designated area to play.

Entry and exit to school, playtimes and lunchtimes are staggered to minimise contact and enable social distancing

COVID safe classrooms