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These are the trips Year 1 are going on this year.

In Science this term our focus is what is Science and what does a scientist do. To understand this further we would like to take the children to the Centre for Life where they will immerse themselves in all things Science.   

Centre for Life

Tuesday 8th November 2022

To consolidate our History and Science topic of plants and trees, and looking at the past and present, we would like to take the children to Stewart’s Park. This will give the children the opportunity to identify what they learnt in school within a reallife setting.  

Stewart’s Park

Wednesday 11th July 2023

In Year 1 a focus of ours is instilling a love of reading with a focus on poetry and nursery rhymes. To understand this further we would like to take the children to Seven Stories to develop their love of reading.  

Seven Stories

Wednesday 11th January 2022




P.E will be on a Tuesday 


Home Learning: All homework will  be set on Class Dojo Stories. This will be: phonics / spelling, tricky word flash cards, rapid recall and daily reading. Research has shown that this is the most beneficial kind of homework.

  • Reading: Every child is expected to read each night. Please try to hear your child read and make a comment on the child's Dojo profile. Make sure that they bring their reading book into school each day so that the staff can hear them read. They can also access their reading books via the 'ebooks' on the Big Cat link below.
  • Spellings: Children will receive a set of spellings at the beginning of the week – please help your child learn these spellings ready for a test on Friday

Rapid Recall: Children will be given an online activity to reinforce their learning of Mathematical key knowledge. An example of the question types in the quiz will also be given. Children should practice a little a few times a week and they will be tested in school to see how well they are doing, weekly

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