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Miss Clough

Miss Clough


Miss Owens

Miss Owens

Teaching Assistant

Miss Ward

Miss Ward


Miss Williams

Miss Williams

Teaching Assistant


These are the trips Year 1 are going on this year.

Trip to Danby National Park

Wednesday 22nd November

At Danby the children will use geographical skills and use a map to complete a treasure hunt around the park. 

Trip to Beamish Open Air Museum                                                                     

Wednesday 28th February

History skills: The children will travel to the 1950s welfare hall and play with a variety of toys and games that children would have enjoyed in the past. Pupils will enjoy playing with a range of toys, some they may be familiar with and some that will be new to them. During all our Childhood Toys, the children will have the opportunity to play with indoor and outdoor, wooden, metal and plastic, moving and static and group and individual toys.

Trip to Locomotive Museum Trip                                                                    

Friday 17th May

History skills: The children will travel to Shildon Locomotion to learn about the life of George Stephenson, the father of the railways. Children will handle a variety of authentic objects associated with the life of George Stephenson. Children will discover George Stephenson's life and personal achievements including his safety lamp, Locomotion No.1, The Stockton and Darlington Railway and the Liverpool and Manchester Railway.

School day

The school door opens at 8:40am. 

The end of the school day is 3:10pm-Children should be picked up from the school hall. 


P.E will be on a Thursday for both classes in Year 1. Children can come to school in their P.E kit for this session. 

Forest School

Miss Clough's class will be taking part in Forest school sessions on a Monday morning in Autumn 1, Autumn 2 and Spring 1. 

Miss Ward's class will be taking part in Forest school sessions on a Monday morning in Spring 2, Summer 1 and Summer 2.  


Home Learning: All homework will  be set on Class Dojo Stories. This will be: phonics / spelling, tricky word flash cards, rapid recall and daily reading. Research has shown that this is the most beneficial kind of homework.

  • Reading: Every child is expected to read each night. Please try to hear your child read and make a comment on the child's Dojo profile. Make sure that they bring their reading book into school every week so that the staff can change books for the new ones. They can also access their reading books via the 'ebooks' on the Big Cat link below.

Rapid Recall: Children will be given an online activity to reinforce their learning of Mathematical key knowledge. An example of the question types in the quiz will also be given. Children should practice a little a few times a week and they will be tested in school to see how well they are doing, weekly

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Year 1 Current Learning

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Year 1 Past Learning

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What is weather like around the world?
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What is a scientist?
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How are Christmas and Diwali similar and different?
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Have children always lived like me?
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