Welcome to Harrow Gate Academy Nursery

Our class are called the Piglet class. 

Piglet is our class mascot too. 

He will come home for a sleep over with a different child every weekend. He brings with him his favourite bedtime story book with hot chocolate and biscuits to share as a family. Your adults can take pictures of his weekend adventures and the nursery staff will print them for his diary.  

Meet the adults 

Hello. I'm Mrs Scotter. I teach in Nursery and I'm also the Early Years Leader (Nursery and Reception). I also work across the whole school on the attendance as the Assistant Principal. I joined the Harrow Gate Family 12 years ago and love being part of the Harrow Gate family. 

Hi, I'm Miss Ruston, I'm the Nursery Manager and teach in nursery all day. I have been part of the Harrow Gate family for 10 years and love coming to school to see all our lovely boys and girls. 

Hello. I'm Miss Owens. I'm a Teaching Assistant and work in Nursery all day. I have been part of the Harrow Gate Family for nearly 15 years. I love reading and singing with all the children in Nursery.

Hi, I'm Miss Hughes and I'm an apprentice Teaching Assistant. I also run a Sunday School in my spare time. I have been part of the Harrow Gate family for nearly a year now. I love singing and playing my guitar. 

What will I look like in September?

 Please click on the links below to meet our staff and hear them reading and singing.  

A Squash and a Squeeze

Erol's Garden

Hungry Hen

Poo bum

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