We are looking forward to welcoming you into Year 6 in September.

We say this every year but this year really is going to be the best Year 6 ever!


Meet your teachers:

                                                                                                                            Miss Yeadon – 6EY

You all know me already; I am ECO crazy and obsessed with recycling and saving the planet. I love animals of all kinds and if I had to pick my absolute favourite, it would be elephants. Well it’s either elephants or whales – it’s a tough one. My favourite lesson to teach is probably English, as you will find out! Looking forward to having the best class in the whole school in September!


Miss Henderson – 6OH

Hi guys, I am moving up to Year 6 after four years in middle team; I am really looking forward to the move. I enjoy all things sport related, hence the football balanced on my head. Gymnastics is my favourite sport of all time.  Really looking forward to September and having the best year ever! Also having the best year 6 class.


Mr Adams – 6JA

It’s Mr Adams here, I am also looking forward to having the best year ever next year. There are no bones about it, we will be the best year 6 class there has ever been. As you all know, I enjoy teaching science; I love practical experiments. I enjoy keeping fit and active – biking and playing football. Looking forward to some competition next year from some of you footballers!


Click here to watch our Welcome to Year 6 video. 

Welcome to Year 6 Video


What do the children think?

Our current Year 6 children wanted to write to you and let you know what they think about Year 6. 

Here is Eman's letter to you:

Here is Robyn's letter to you:

Here is Olivia's letter to you:

Here is a letter from Preston:

Please see below for our Class Welcome Powerpoints

Year 6 Transition


You can contact us on Dojo if you have any concerns or worries.