18 June 2021

Build session #6,7,8,9 &10


Panic has really hit home and with 8 days until race day at Croft Circuit Mr Adams runs the build sessions every night after school. 

The children all pull together in both the girls and boys teams to complete the final stages of the build. The part the girls had been waiting for arrives and the rear axle is finally attached to the car. 

Communication and team work is key to being successful this week and a huge push is on to ensure drivers can be in the cars for Friday to do some practice runs. 

Even the tricky wiring can't stop us even though it caused Mr Galt a few problems. 

By Friday (18th June) both cars are complete and the boys who finish just before the girls have time to practice driving their cars. 

As they make their way out into the playground, the first few drivers enjoy a few practice laps in the car. Everything seems to be going well. There are a few noises from the engine and the belt which can be adjusted but the car works and looks great. Owen enjoys a test run, then Theo both showing excellent driving skills. Alex then steps in but unfortunately the car gets the better of him and he smashes into a barrier in the playground damaging the front axle badly.

With the front axle bent the boys hopes and dreams of competing at Croft the following Tuesday look lost. 

The girls car is complete and could now be the only one we can run at Croft but they haven't even tested yet!





Posted by Vicky Galt

Category: STEM