22 June 2021

Croft Race Day 22.6.21

Croft Race Day!

We made it!

The cars looked amazing!

Both Teams looked amazing!

The teams performed brilliantly on the day and the cars didn't put a foot wrong. 

We came away with a 1st place in the slalom for the girls, a 2nd for the boys in the big lap, a 3rd for the boys in the…

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21 June 2021

The LAST practice session

Last Practice Session 21.6.21


Mrs Matthews and her husband rescue the boys team from the depths of despair. Thankfully Mrs Matthew's husband is able to perform a full repair job on the boys bent front axle and we reattach it to the car and make some final adjustments to enjoy a practice…

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18 June 2021

Green Power Build Session #6,7,8,9 &10

Build session #6,7,8,9 &10


Panic has really hit home and with 8 days until race day at Croft Circuit Mr Adams runs the build sessions every night after school. 

The children all pull together in both the girls and boys teams to complete the final stages of the build. The part the…

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11 June 2021

Green Power Build Session #5

Build Session #5

Panic is starting to set in now with just over a week to go. Still lots to do but Amit our build guide from Cummins reassures the teams that it will be complete in time. 


Unfortunately a broken part has delayed the girls team and they have to move on to building the…

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28 May 2021

Green Power Build Session #4

Build Session #4

A difficult session, which involved hammers and locking pins. Mr Galt and Mr Adams had to be on hand to hammer the locking pins into the axles. They certainly needed some welly to get them in place - don't ask Mr Galt about his thumb.


The cars are slowly coming together…

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21 May 2021

Green Power Build Session #3

Build Day #3 (Friday 21.5.21)

Axle assembly - watch out for the drive wheel and the locking pins

A really challenging session for everyone to get to grips with. Tricky instructions and lots of moving parts with little room for error. If a mistake is made at this stage parts have to be sent…

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14 May 2021

Green Power Build Session #2

Build Day #2 (Friday 14.5.21)

Chassis and Steering Column Assembly - Getting to know your ratchet spanner

Great work by both teams, adding further parts to the chassis. 

Teamwork and communication was improving all of the time.

Tightening bolts was becoming second nature to our young…

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7 May 2021

Green Power Build Session #1

Build Day #1 (Friday 7.5.21)

Nuts, Bolts, Washers and a Chassis

It's all about the chassis today but before we started both teams set about sorting their nuts, bolts and washers into the correct sections - all good fun.


Once the nuts, bolts and washers were sorted the teams began to…

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7 May 2021

The Green Power Challenge

The Greenpower challenge – to design and build an electric car to race at Greenpower events: 

IET Formula Goblin (ages 9 – 11)

We are very excited to be part of the Greenpower challenge for the very first year. Greenpower Education Trust is a UK based charity with an outstanding track record…

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